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The 3rd Greater Action Art Exhibition

The exhibition showcases over 100 original art pieces by 11 talented and self-taught refugee artists, living in Kuala Lumpur.

This exhibition by refugees from Afghanistan, Iran, Palestine, Pakistan and Turkey represents the enduring power of dreams. The artworks speak not only of the individual hopes and dreams of every artist on show, but especially, of the dream of a human condition that transcends war, poverty, and injustice.

In the hands of the refugee, the humble paint brush becomes a forceful tool to impact the world. Instead of destruction, it creates beauty. In the face of oppression and violence, it opens up a safe space where the imagination can soar. Colorful brushstrokes defiantly resist the bleakness of countless hardships.The all too human search for meaning finds poignant expression in the artworks of young people who have lived with stifling fear, prolonged insecurity, and the pain of uprooted families. The image on a canvas can give expression to unsaid words and allow the artist to be seen for who they truly are.

Thus, art can help to heal the wounds of dehumanizing experiences. By re-asserting their intrinsic value, refugees can set up a shelter for themselves and humanity as a whole.

About the GA Art Gallery

Greater Action Art Gallery raises funds and showcases the skills of talented artists from diverse refugee communities in Kuala Lumpur. All exhibitions curated by Greater Action Art Gallery promote art amongst refugees, allowing these talented refugees to use their artistic skills as a mode of self-expression through each of their pieces. Youth empowerment is a theme that Greater Action Art Gallery strongly encourages and strives to achieve with all its curated exhibitions.

You can simply buy their original artworks off our walls or click here to shop for the art pieces online and support our talented artists.

Past Exhibitions

Our First Exhibition

Our first ever curated exhibition took place at East residence Clubhouse at KLGCC in November 2021 and showcased 150 exceptional drawings and paintings by 7 artists aged 13 to 22 years old. This exhibition was their first exposure to the outside world. It was meant to give them recognition, encourage them to continue expressing their feelings through art, and show them our compassion and solidarity.

The exhibition was attended by over 500 visitors in total, including the Head of UNHCR, Mr. Thomas Albrecht; Head of Malaysian German Chamber of Commerce Mr. Bernbeck.

The artists sold over 46 artworks in total and all the sales proceeds went back to them.  

Our Second Exhibition

Our last exhibition "Bridging Borders" was held on 18th & 19th of November 2022 at the KLGCC East Residence Clubhouse in Bukit Kiara.

This exhibition was Greater Action Art Gallery's second curated exhibition with over 120 original artworks by talented refugee artists in Kuala Lumpur. This exhibition aimed to motivate these artists, by giving them a platform to showcase their handiwork and allowing them to freely express their emotions through their art pieces.

We aim for the world to become more aware of their remarkable talents and skills, and hopefully support them in any way possible to improve not only their economic livelihoods, but also their emotional well-being.

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