Who We Are

Greater Action was founded in March 2020 as an emergency response to the pandemic. It is a dynamic, non-profit social organization based out of Bandar Baru Ampang and is 100% volunteer-driven by a team of international self-driven and enthusiastic women.

Our core mission is to help 250 marginalised refugee families, forced to flee their homeland, rebuild their lives in Malaysia. We provide them with quality education, sustainable livelihood opportunities, artist development and much-needed general and mental healthcare.  

Our prime focus is women's empowerment via our curated skills training programs in cooking, baking, tailoring and beauty which enable the most vulnerable women to learn, to grow, and to become self-sufficient.

How We Do it

Establishing a skills training center for refugee women in January 2022 was one of our first major initiatives as it contributed to the refugee women's empowerment and self-sufficiency.

In the heart of Bandar Baru Ampang, it is a safe and nurturing place for them to learn a new skill or enhance an existing one and earn a decent living. They put all their heart and talents into tailoring, cooking, baking, or beauty training programs in which they thrive tremendously.

Nurturing talents and designing effective skills training programs is Greater Action biggest success:  it helps the women to regain their self-esteem, their dignity and to gain a sense of belonging. It involves a holistic approach that considers the women's unique circumstances, cultural backgrounds, and individual aspirations. 

Today we can proudly say that we have created a supportive and sustainable environment for talent development. Find us here.

Our Social Impact Since March 2020

1500 refugees

are supported with either education, vocational training, donation, or therapies.

250 women

learned English and Malay with our team of 15 skilled teachers. 

2200 hours of skill training 

have been conducted for refugee women.  Know more

15 self-taught artists

participated in our yearly art exhibition and solo art show.

1750 families

received nutritious food provision and household equipment

160 children

gained access to quality education 

70 women 

received mental health support from professional therapists to overcome their trauma. 

200 young mothers

received milk formula, reusable diapers, and baby material.

Together, We Create Change


With our sustainable & immersive CSR programs, your company can harness the power of purpose, enhance its brand value, inspire team, leave a legacy of positive impact and directly make a difference in the refugee women's lives.

School workshops

The workshops offer insight into migration for primary and secondary students, emphasizing the refugee communities in Malaysia. We cultivate compassion and cultural inclusiveness in young minds through upcycling activities and real stories.

Book Your Experiences

We offer curated immersive & impactful experiences in small groups of 4 to 25 people, including cooking, baking, crocheting, upcycling, art workshops, Afghan lunches, French high teas, dinners, private events, and more ....


This book shares the struggles, beliefs and hopes of ten extraordinary refugee women from Afghanistan. Knowing their stories may change your perception of who refugees are forever.

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