Refugees in Malaysia do not get access to affordable and quality healthcare. Therefore, Greater Action is helping those with urgent medical cases to get assistance, quick diagnosis and adequate treatment at discounted rates or free of charge.

Poliklinik Gomez

Poliklinik Desilva

Emergency Healthcare

Refugees around us have very limited access to the public healthcare system and tend to neglect their health.

There are a few free refugee clinics that treat common ailments but these clinics do not offer specialist consultations on key areas such as dentistry, opthalmology, ENT, gastroenterology, orthopedic etc...

At Greater Action, we encounter a lot of gastric problems due to the lack of nutritious food and stress, muscular issues due to heavy load carrying through manual labor jobs, hearing issues that have been caused by bombing and dental issues connected to poor hygiene practices.

This emergency relief fund is to help the most vulnerable refugees who can not afford the healthcare they need or may even need a surgery.

Mental Healthcare

The refugees are exposed to various stress factors which affect their mental health and well-being. Unfortunately due to limited resources, they are not able to receive the needed mental healthcare.

We offer psychological support to refugees suffering from anxiety, depression or PTSD, the support is possible thanks to our experienced team of certified therapists.

We also partner with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis.