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Education sponsorship

Education is the way to break the cycle of poverty and improve quality of life. Therefore we offer a monthly school sponsorship program for students aged 6 to 18, to access quality education at refugee learning centres that we collaborate closely with.

The School sponsorship program for 6-18 years old ensures that all kids get access to quality education and women can learn English via our online English Academy. We have also started Bahasa classes recently. 

Sponsor a child's education with 250 RM/month that cover school fees and lunches.


We need English and/or Malay speakers to facilitate our existing online language program to take one on one or small group classes. We also offer conversational tutorials. All content and resources for the sessions will be provided. helping with job interviews and CV writing.


Counselling / Holistic Practitioners

We need qualified counsellors and experienced holistic therapists (relaxation/mindfulness)  to assist our refugee women's group to deal with their general anxiety, depression or PTSD.

GPs and medical specialists/dentists /ophthalmologists

We need pro bono medical consultations for a range of medical conditions as refugees get very limited access to quality healthcare.


Tailoring courses

Do you have sewing/designing skills? We need you to teach the basics or to help to enhance the tailors existing skills. 

Host Tailoring Parties 

Invite your friends who are keen to update their wardrobes! Host a party where Greater Action will bring the tailor right to your home. 


We urgently need people to facilitate sourcing and collection of much-needed preloved clothing  (denim, cotton, ethnic wear, bedlinen and others) for our sustainable sewing project. 


Promote our Culinary and Baking Projects

Help us to promote our authentic Afghan food, premium range of cakes and pastries, our in-house culinary Afghan experience, and our Afghan/French cooking classes. You can order our dishes or take a ooking class.

You can also teach your cooking skills to enhance our menu with your secret recipes.


Organise a Fundraising Event

Organize events in your community to raise much needed funds for specific projects.


Become an Ambassador! Help us  raise awareness and promote our various programmes, activities and events


Give a one-off donation or set up a monthly donation to support our programs. Any amount is greatly accepted. To donate, please click here.

Would you like to support our refugee community by sharing your time, skills and talents?